Mona Lisa Smiles

When we first started watching this movie I was thinking to myself that this movie was super slow and boring, but as the movie continued playing I began to change my mind.  Sadly enough I could relate to the girl who felt like she would never find a guy and when she did the one girl made up lies.  That is how the majority of girls still are today.  Also, it got me so pissed off how the school had all of these traditions pretty much teaching women to become men’s house slave.  The one character who got married and missed a few days of school really got on my last nerve.  She was a total dream killer to not only the one girl who had a low self esteem but also towards the blonde girl who wanted to go to Yale.  She felt that it was a women’s duty to get married and become a house slave for their husbands and pop out a baby.  To her the only reason to go to school was to find a man and somewhat kill time.  In my opinion I could see this still happening today.  Have you ever noticed how women dress the first day of school?  They are dressed to impress because they don’t know who is going to be in their class and always want to be prepared.  It is so scary how a lot of these “traditions” are carried on.  If I ever do have a girl, I would not teach her these traditions.  I feel that women need to be dependent and not depend on a guy so much. I have so many girlfriends who expect a guy to make them happy when they can’t even make themselves happy.  In the beginning of the semester I suggested a book for you to read and that book was called “Why Men Love Bitches.”  The title is very deceiving but it taught me a lot.  Before I read it I would also depend on guys for my happiness and was always worried that I would never find “the one.”  After reading that book not only did it boost my confidence it also made me more aware of how I need to live my own life with or without a man.  I wish that parents would stop filling their kids heads with these crappy traditions of being whipped by your man.  


About time…

As my title states, “It’s about time.”  This article is talking about same sex marriages and how one judge decided to decline the state law of banning same sex marriages for just a few hours.  This allowed very few couples to get married but still it was a small step towards a greater purpose.  This article was connecting to that video we watched in class about proposition 8.  When we were watching that documentary I kept thinking to myself what the hell is going on.  Why is another state getting involved in our (California’s) state laws?  This was truly getting me upset because this one church made a living hell for everyday people who had a different love life.  Why does it matter if a man loves another man or a woman loves another woman?  The Mormon church should not become involved in other people’s business.  When it comes to religion I feel that you should keep it to yourself or the people who believe in the same religion as you.  There is no need to be going out and trying to convince other’s that your religion is the best and truest religion out there.  If every religion was like that then no one would be happy.  At least some religions accept the way life really is.  I feel that it is about time that American’s or even the population in general start accepting people for who they are instead of trying to make them fit into the “perfect”or “normal” category.  Not everyone is going to be the same and people need to start understanding that. Another thing that made me wonder is if people really knew the truth about being gay and how it is not something that you can just choose to be and how the mormon church told all their believers that god was the one who told them to pay up to this cause, if they would still vote for proposition 8.  I hate how the government or even churches hide this stuff from the public and like you said in class, “they make you feel like the bad guy if you go against their thoughts or opinions.”

25 facts about women

While reading these facts I was amazed at the things that I was reading. I am going to go over some of the facts that I thought were interesting in the article.

1) When it is talking about how women and children are affect the most out of the horrific events such as war and disasters it made complete sense.  Women and children are seen as being weak and therefore people of that country should focus more on the men because they are the leaders and need to be in charge.

2) It was amazing that tripple the percentage of women working in parliament in Rwanda than those women who work in parliament in America.  Why is America being sexist about women holding powerful positions?  When will we ever get out of this phase of thinking that women are incapable of making big decisions?

4) Women only own 1% of the worlds land.  This makes sense how women are automatically paid less than men but why is it that we only own 1%?  Is it because we can’t afford it? Do men get more security on land ownership than women do?  

5) Since I have 2 tattoo’s now I will proudly support this.  Why do some people feel that tattoo’s are made for men only? None the less men who are in gangs or were in prison?  My family looks down on me because of my tattoo’s.  I am still the same person just with a little more color and art to my body.  Why is it more acceptable for a guy to have a tattoo than a girl?  

8) I could not imagine being married at birth to someone you don’t even know none the less having someone tell you who you are married to and you can’t do anything about it. That is not right at all.  Women and men should both have a say so in who they marry.

12) In Kenya women were running 38% of the farm land and were more successful than men who had all the extra help that they needed.  This one was really amazing to me because this proves that women can think outside of the box and figure out different ways to make things work without the extra help.

15) Over half of pregnancies in the U.S are unwanted.  This was a fact I already knew but it still brings up the question why?  In one of the other facts it states that in Australia girls are having more one night stands than women the same age in Canada and the U.S.  So why isn’t Australia have more unwanted pregnancies?  I think it’s because parents in the U.S are a little afraid to bring up the sex topic.  They think it is awkward or they think that their child will figure it out on their own.

18) This one was also a shocker for me the fact that in some countries they pay for women’s maternity leave but in our country they do not have to.  Let’s see those head government officials pop something out of a small hole of their body and see how they feel after.  As I have heard numerous times it doesn’t feel very good so of course you are going to take some time off work none the less you have to take care of the baby.  Does your work want a screaming baby in the office or a mother who has a major lack of sleep? No I don’t think so.

It never really occurred to me how men and women were treated so differently until I took this class.  I knew there were some differences but nothing like this.  Women should be treated with the same respect as men and should be given the opportunity to show people what they have.



(watched p.1-4)

Since we talked about Freud in class and I have always been interested in his studies and decided to write a blog about him.  While watching this documentary I learned a lot of stuff about his studies that I had no idea about.  For example it stated that two of his studies were actually started by two other psychologists; one study was hypnosis and the other dealt with a drug.  From the social problems class last semester I remember watching that cocaine video and how it stated that Sigmund was under the influence of cocaine for a while to experience the effects it would have on him.  While doing a lot of his studies he was under the influence of this drug and it makes it suspicious whether or not we should believe his research methods.  Today’s society understands now that Freud’s studies are not scientifically proven and therefore we do not believe some.  When this documentary got the part of the mental patients I couldn’t help but notice that in the drawings and paintings they showed the majority of the patients were women.  This was very interesting and brought my attention to the gender harassment going on.  Even back in the day women were seen as this crazy creature with nothing but emotional or physical problems and automatically seen as mental patients.  To me, this brought up so many questions like why hasn’t gender harassment changed?  Why are women frowned upon so much by men?  I can not wait until the day where gender diversity is no longer a problem in society.

Transgendered individuals

When I found this website I could not stop reading the information it was offering.  This site gives a lot of helpful information to those who have no idea what it means to be transgender and those who do know.  Transgender individuals even have a holiday called the Transgendered Day of Remembrance which occurs November 20th.  This site also gives examples of names that should not be used when talking to or about a transgender individual.  When reading the names transgender people were given I couldn’t help but feel guilty.  I know I have used words very similar to the ones provided to describe someone that I had no idea what sex they were. I now know how discriminated transgender people really are and it’s heart breaking.  I never really understood what the word transgender actually meant until taking this course. I just thought that transgender people were born either a male or female and decided to have a sex change at some point in their life.  When it gave an example of transgender and homosexuals being allowed to be in the media it really surprised me.  For example how Chaz Bono joined dancing with the stars.  It might have been a shocker to a lot of American citizens but it was completely necessary because transgender or gays have been harassed enough.  It never really occured to me that gays or transgender were not allowed to be on T.V.  I was thinking to myself it was about time. It is very depressing that the American Society still cannot fully accept these individuals.  They are human beings like you and I why does it matter so much to worry about who they love or what sex they are?  

Being discharged because of sexuality

When reading this article I felt ashamed that men and women were being discharged from services because of their sexuality.  Despite whether or they are gay or straight should have nothing to do with their physical abilities as a soldier.  Considering we are still in war we need as many willing people to fight for our country as possible. The fact that they would discharge a few hundred to a few thousand people in a time of need is ridiculous.  Gay individuals deal enough harassment from society why should they still receive this harassment for helping out the country?  Why does society find it a necessity to figure out whether someone is gay or straight? To me, I feel that gays are treated as if they are from another planet in a sense.  They get judged, harassed, made fun of, etc. on a daily basis. Some people would even say that they would not feel comfortable having a gay individual in their work place.  Why is that?  Why does it matter? They are human beings just like you and I. This reminded me of the clip that you showed us today in class with Pat.  The trainers were so concerned about finding whether this individual was a woman or a man that they would say anything to just get the smallest hint.  For example, the woman trainer would ask Pat what type of body figure does he/she want or even to the point of asking what sex he/she is.  Society somewhat frowns upon those who don’t fit up to a female or male perspective.  Another example would be that if a man was to dress and look somewhat feminine society would automatically make assumptions that he was gay.  The way you dress, talk, or even act is being judge by society at a rapid pace.  I feel that society should mind their own business and not make assumptions about a person before even knowing who that person is or what their story might be.

Emotional Differences

In this article it states a few different things about boys and girls through the emotional development that they go through throughout life.  For example, in this article it gives two different approaches on how to talk to a boy and girl when they are having a problem and need to talk to an adult about it.  The boy would need to be keeping his mind busy or has to be physically active in order to open up, but the girl needed a one on one approach.  She also needed assurance from the listener such as agreeing with her in the situation or telling her everything is going to be okay.  To me this makes perfect sense because I can relate to the female part.  When I was growing up I went through a lot of horrendous events with my family and I needed someone to talk to other than my family.  At that time I was going to a Christian school and I would go to the counselor a lot and talk to her about my problems.  I would feel comfortable with her because she would agree in most of the situations and would make me feel better like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Also, while I was growing up I notice now that school was very easy for me and I tended to be more focused than the boys in my class.  The boys would be a huge distraction and would have to be moving around a lot in order to keep their focus.  Plus, their grades weren’t too good compared to the girls.  I believe that if schools figured out a way to help both females and males learn the most sufficient way (accordingly to their students) it would help out a lot.  Boys need to be more active while learning or just even letting things go and talking about certain situations and girls need a more one on one type of learning style.  I am not saying this is how everyone is, but I do feel like the majority of the population has had a similar story to this one.

Documentary on capitalism

At first when we started watching this movie I almost fell asleep.  It was super slow in the beginning and then all of the sudden it started getting interesting when President Ragen was blamed for the way the economy is today.  I was in shock that his assistant was using him to help the rich people out and hurt the poor people even more.  Another thing that drew my attention was his respect towards the president when he said you have to wrap it up.  Does he not have any respect towards his boss?  I honestly had no idea how bad capitalism was until I watched this movie.  It has caused so many problems with the economy such as people losing their job for no reason, crime rates going up, people losing their property, etc.  When it showed everyone loosing their house it really made me think about how lucky I am to be living in a house that is paid off with my family.  It’s amazing how hurt people get by loosing their house while the ones who are buying it are just going to remodel it and sell it for even more of a profit.  People are living on the streets because they can’t afford a house and can’t get a job without a house.  This is a terrible on going cycle with all of these restrictions of why people can’t get a job.  I wish the economy was different.  I feel that if people had the opportunity to get a job despite their living style it would lower the crime rates and help out the economy a lot.

Technology at it’s worst

With today’s society becoming more and more advance with technology it is becoming more difficult to afford the “nicer” things in life.  In this case, a young man was shot and killed because of having an iPhone.  His killer stole his phone because he could not afford one.  It amazes me that people would kill over such a small item.  I know a lot of people enjoy having a more advance phone such as the iPhone but is it really worth it to spend 25 to life in prison because of it.  Phone companys have come up with plans and contracts to make phones more affordable but that still is not enough for some people.  Why is it so important to have the finest things in life?  Why are people spending more than they can afford on technology?  So many questions pop up in my head about how society has become.  We live in a world where 12 year olds have iPhones and 30 year old adults have a flip phone.  Where kids are made fun of if they don’t have the newest technology, where adults are frowned upon by their car or home.  It really bugs me that people are so judgemental now a days.  I remember when I was with some of my family friends, their 12 year old son had a better phone than I did.  It made me feel bummed that some little kid had a more advance and better looking phone than I did even though mine was still a great phone.  The point I am trying to make is society needs to take a chill pill with technology and enjoy life without being judgemental about what they have or don’t have.

Crime in the media

In today’s society the media has a lot to do with crime.  They tend to be over dramatic on the situations and make people think that the situation is way worse than what it actually is.  In this article is states how in the years 1990-1999 news stations would spend 30% of their time talking about crime going on.  Even though this article was from about 10 years ago I still feel that it is accurate.  I remember a few weeks ago there was a shooting at an edison building and I was watching ABC and the news reporters became almost comical because they were so dramatic about the situation.  To me I feel that TV shows, movies, and the news are actually giving criminals ideas.  For example, all the CSI shows, even though I love them so much it seems like it is helping criminals get away with certain crimes because they know how the police find their evidence.  As for movies, the most disgusting movie I can think of is Saw.  This movie has had over 7 series and continues to grow more and more with the population.  It makes me feel so uncomfortable just imagining what type of person comes up with these ideas of murdering someone in the most gruesome way possible.  Our society has become more prone to bloody and goory movies that when we hear about death we are still shocked, but not as much as people were back in the day when their technology and prompts weren’t as advanced.  Another way that I feel about the media portraying crime in a such a heavy problem is that the criminals are getting too much attention from their actions and feel that it is giving them a celebrity type life.  Their face is being protrayed on newspapers, magazines, TV, etc. I think that if the media would tone it down on the crime section it would actually help lower some crime in the U.S.