When I found this website I could not stop reading the information it was offering.  This site gives a lot of helpful information to those who have no idea what it means to be transgender and those who do know.  Transgender individuals even have a holiday called the Transgendered Day of Remembrance which occurs November 20th.  This site also gives examples of names that should not be used when talking to or about a transgender individual.  When reading the names transgender people were given I couldn’t help but feel guilty.  I know I have used words very similar to the ones provided to describe someone that I had no idea what sex they were. I now know how discriminated transgender people really are and it’s heart breaking.  I never really understood what the word transgender actually meant until taking this course. I just thought that transgender people were born either a male or female and decided to have a sex change at some point in their life.  When it gave an example of transgender and homosexuals being allowed to be in the media it really surprised me.  For example how Chaz Bono joined dancing with the stars.  It might have been a shocker to a lot of American citizens but it was completely necessary because transgender or gays have been harassed enough.  It never really occured to me that gays or transgender were not allowed to be on T.V.  I was thinking to myself it was about time. It is very depressing that the American Society still cannot fully accept these individuals.  They are human beings like you and I why does it matter so much to worry about who they love or what sex they are?