When reading this article I felt ashamed that men and women were being discharged from services because of their sexuality.  Despite whether or they are gay or straight should have nothing to do with their physical abilities as a soldier.  Considering we are still in war we need as many willing people to fight for our country as possible. The fact that they would discharge a few hundred to a few thousand people in a time of need is ridiculous.  Gay individuals deal enough harassment from society why should they still receive this harassment for helping out the country?  Why does society find it a necessity to figure out whether someone is gay or straight? To me, I feel that gays are treated as if they are from another planet in a sense.  They get judged, harassed, made fun of, etc. on a daily basis. Some people would even say that they would not feel comfortable having a gay individual in their work place.  Why is that?  Why does it matter? They are human beings just like you and I. This reminded me of the clip that you showed us today in class with Pat.  The trainers were so concerned about finding whether this individual was a woman or a man that they would say anything to just get the smallest hint.  For example, the woman trainer would ask Pat what type of body figure does he/she want or even to the point of asking what sex he/she is.  Society somewhat frowns upon those who don’t fit up to a female or male perspective.  Another example would be that if a man was to dress and look somewhat feminine society would automatically make assumptions that he was gay.  The way you dress, talk, or even act is being judge by society at a rapid pace.  I feel that society should mind their own business and not make assumptions about a person before even knowing who that person is or what their story might be.