(watched p.1-4)

Since we talked about Freud in class and I have always been interested in his studies and decided to write a blog about him.  While watching this documentary I learned a lot of stuff about his studies that I had no idea about.  For example it stated that two of his studies were actually started by two other psychologists; one study was hypnosis and the other dealt with a drug.  From the social problems class last semester I remember watching that cocaine video and how it stated that Sigmund was under the influence of cocaine for a while to experience the effects it would have on him.  While doing a lot of his studies he was under the influence of this drug and it makes it suspicious whether or not we should believe his research methods.  Today’s society understands now that Freud’s studies are not scientifically proven and therefore we do not believe some.  When this documentary got the part of the mental patients I couldn’t help but notice that in the drawings and paintings they showed the majority of the patients were women.  This was very interesting and brought my attention to the gender harassment going on.  Even back in the day women were seen as this crazy creature with nothing but emotional or physical problems and automatically seen as mental patients.  To me, this brought up so many questions like why hasn’t gender harassment changed?  Why are women frowned upon so much by men?  I can not wait until the day where gender diversity is no longer a problem in society.