While reading these facts I was amazed at the things that I was reading. I am going to go over some of the facts that I thought were interesting in the article.

1) When it is talking about how women and children are affect the most out of the horrific events such as war and disasters it made complete sense.  Women and children are seen as being weak and therefore people of that country should focus more on the men because they are the leaders and need to be in charge.

2) It was amazing that tripple the percentage of women working in parliament in Rwanda than those women who work in parliament in America.  Why is America being sexist about women holding powerful positions?  When will we ever get out of this phase of thinking that women are incapable of making big decisions?

4) Women only own 1% of the worlds land.  This makes sense how women are automatically paid less than men but why is it that we only own 1%?  Is it because we can’t afford it? Do men get more security on land ownership than women do?  

5) Since I have 2 tattoo’s now I will proudly support this.  Why do some people feel that tattoo’s are made for men only? None the less men who are in gangs or were in prison?  My family looks down on me because of my tattoo’s.  I am still the same person just with a little more color and art to my body.  Why is it more acceptable for a guy to have a tattoo than a girl?  

8) I could not imagine being married at birth to someone you don’t even know none the less having someone tell you who you are married to and you can’t do anything about it. That is not right at all.  Women and men should both have a say so in who they marry.

12) In Kenya women were running 38% of the farm land and were more successful than men who had all the extra help that they needed.  This one was really amazing to me because this proves that women can think outside of the box and figure out different ways to make things work without the extra help.

15) Over half of pregnancies in the U.S are unwanted.  This was a fact I already knew but it still brings up the question why?  In one of the other facts it states that in Australia girls are having more one night stands than women the same age in Canada and the U.S.  So why isn’t Australia have more unwanted pregnancies?  I think it’s because parents in the U.S are a little afraid to bring up the sex topic.  They think it is awkward or they think that their child will figure it out on their own.

18) This one was also a shocker for me the fact that in some countries they pay for women’s maternity leave but in our country they do not have to.  Let’s see those head government officials pop something out of a small hole of their body and see how they feel after.  As I have heard numerous times it doesn’t feel very good so of course you are going to take some time off work none the less you have to take care of the baby.  Does your work want a screaming baby in the office or a mother who has a major lack of sleep? No I don’t think so.

It never really occurred to me how men and women were treated so differently until I took this class.  I knew there were some differences but nothing like this.  Women should be treated with the same respect as men and should be given the opportunity to show people what they have.