As my title states, “It’s about time.”  This article is talking about same sex marriages and how one judge decided to decline the state law of banning same sex marriages for just a few hours.  This allowed very few couples to get married but still it was a small step towards a greater purpose.  This article was connecting to that video we watched in class about proposition 8.  When we were watching that documentary I kept thinking to myself what the hell is going on.  Why is another state getting involved in our (California’s) state laws?  This was truly getting me upset because this one church made a living hell for everyday people who had a different love life.  Why does it matter if a man loves another man or a woman loves another woman?  The Mormon church should not become involved in other people’s business.  When it comes to religion I feel that you should keep it to yourself or the people who believe in the same religion as you.  There is no need to be going out and trying to convince other’s that your religion is the best and truest religion out there.  If every religion was like that then no one would be happy.  At least some religions accept the way life really is.  I feel that it is about time that American’s or even the population in general start accepting people for who they are instead of trying to make them fit into the “perfect”or “normal” category.  Not everyone is going to be the same and people need to start understanding that. Another thing that made me wonder is if people really knew the truth about being gay and how it is not something that you can just choose to be and how the mormon church told all their believers that god was the one who told them to pay up to this cause, if they would still vote for proposition 8.  I hate how the government or even churches hide this stuff from the public and like you said in class, “they make you feel like the bad guy if you go against their thoughts or opinions.”