With today’s society becoming more and more advance with technology it is becoming more difficult to afford the “nicer” things in life.  In this case, a young man was shot and killed because of having an iPhone.  His killer stole his phone because he could not afford one.  It amazes me that people would kill over such a small item.  I know a lot of people enjoy having a more advance phone such as the iPhone but is it really worth it to spend 25 to life in prison because of it.  Phone companys have come up with plans and contracts to make phones more affordable but that still is not enough for some people.  Why is it so important to have the finest things in life?  Why are people spending more than they can afford on technology?  So many questions pop up in my head about how society has become.  We live in a world where 12 year olds have iPhones and 30 year old adults have a flip phone.  Where kids are made fun of if they don’t have the newest technology, where adults are frowned upon by their car or home.  It really bugs me that people are so judgemental now a days.  I remember when I was with some of my family friends, their 12 year old son had a better phone than I did.  It made me feel bummed that some little kid had a more advance and better looking phone than I did even though mine was still a great phone.  The point I am trying to make is society needs to take a chill pill with technology and enjoy life without being judgemental about what they have or don’t have.