In today’s society the media has a lot to do with crime.  They tend to be over dramatic on the situations and make people think that the situation is way worse than what it actually is.  In this article is states how in the years 1990-1999 news stations would spend 30% of their time talking about crime going on.  Even though this article was from about 10 years ago I still feel that it is accurate.  I remember a few weeks ago there was a shooting at an edison building and I was watching ABC and the news reporters became almost comical because they were so dramatic about the situation.  To me I feel that TV shows, movies, and the news are actually giving criminals ideas.  For example, all the CSI shows, even though I love them so much it seems like it is helping criminals get away with certain crimes because they know how the police find their evidence.  As for movies, the most disgusting movie I can think of is Saw.  This movie has had over 7 series and continues to grow more and more with the population.  It makes me feel so uncomfortable just imagining what type of person comes up with these ideas of murdering someone in the most gruesome way possible.  Our society has become more prone to bloody and goory movies that when we hear about death we are still shocked, but not as much as people were back in the day when their technology and prompts weren’t as advanced.  Another way that I feel about the media portraying crime in a such a heavy problem is that the criminals are getting too much attention from their actions and feel that it is giving them a celebrity type life.  Their face is being protrayed on newspapers, magazines, TV, etc. I think that if the media would tone it down on the crime section it would actually help lower some crime in the U.S.