When you first put in the movie about human trafficing I thought it was going to be super boring and somewhat a waste of time. But within the first few minutes I was completely wrong. I was shocked to see all of these innocent human beings whether they are kids or adults being used for someone else’s pleasure.  It is very hard to imagine someone being “ok” with abusing and using people against their own will for sex and other terrible events.  When it got to the part of using innocent girls in countries such as India and another Asian country I was in shock.  Especially when it got to the 2 girls who got sent to the homes by their own family for money.  That is a little bit too much for me to handle. I could not imagine my mom sending me away to be used for sex and even when I have kids to be doing that.  That is something that the aunt has to live with for her whole life and I have this feeling that she doesn’t even care about her own family.  I understand that poverty in those countries are bad but there is a point where it becomes ridiculous that you have to sell your own family members to make money.  If they were that broke, they should have sold their own body to the “pimps” not their family members.  When it got to the hookers I had no idea that some of them were taken without their consent.  It is sad to see all of these teenage girls being used for sex and money.  What is even more sad, is that these pimps don’t even care about the girls all they want is some money in their hand.  What is even worse is the fact that American’s are the worst when it comes to hookers.  They abuse them and treat them very poorly for a small amount of cash.  These girls have families and friends that love them but sometimes they can’t get out and end up living their whole life in hell.  This movie really did open up my eyes and helped me understand things that I have always made assumptions about without actually knowing the truth.  


Racism In America

This article was mainly talking about people in today’s society are still very racist.  Only a small portion will actually admit that they are racist.  Even though most American’s know that racism is a big problem but yet they still tend to treat others of a different race bad.  Racism has become so prone to a lot of individuals that most don’t even consider their habits to be racist.  We have never changed our bad habits of racism even though it started over 100 years ago.  Obviously it is a lot better than what it was in the past but it is still bad.  Racism causes so much of crime and if we became more acceptable to other races, I feel that the crime rates would greatly decrease.  In the article it states that even real estate agents are showing racist actions by placing a person where their race lives.  For example, say a white couple would want to buy a house the agent would automatically chose an area where it is a white community.  This is a problem that is going to need a lot of time and effort from everyone in order to fix it. Even with my friends we make racist comments all the time because we don’t know any better.  It is the way we were raised and the way we were treated by other races.  Racism has even turned into somewhat of a joke like putting people into a category based on appearance, fashion, money, etc.  It is exactly what we were talking about in class.

Florida boy killed

When a young 15 year old boy was walking down the street and was walking to the store, another man followed him because he look suspicious due to the fact he was wearing a hoodie.  The other man talked to the police before and the police said just let the boy be but the other man did not listen to him.  He continued to follow and played the role that the young boy attacked him.  In “defense” this man shot and killed him.  Family and friends in the black community say feel that he was profiled because he was black.  They feel that this was a racial issue and the boy did not attack the man.  They also say there was no reason for that man to have shot the boy.  The man has not been charged due to the different stories that are being played.  Tensions with the black community are becoming more and more heated.  The media is also portraying that this was a racial attack on the black and mexican community.  I also feel that this was race related because when they showed a picture of the man that attacked the young boy seemed to be related in some sort of gang.  I could just be racial profiling but most people do not have a  gang related look.  What I am curious to know is if this man even had a license to hold a weapon?  I think that it is too easy to purchase weapons in today’s society.  Police and the government should become more involved into who is purchasing what weapon and why they are even purchasing it in the first place.  In order to have a weapon, such as a gun, that person has to feel threatened in some sort.  My point that I am trying to say is why did that man have a gun in the first place?  Why didn’t he just approach the boy first and ask him what was going on?  Did he have another threat against him and confused the boy with someone else?  

Kony 2012

This video has been spreading like a virus.  It has recieved over 70 million views in 6 days.  When I saw one of my friends post it I was thinking “oh it’s just another stupid video.”  But at that time I was super bored and decided to watch it.  Within the first 5 minutes I was hooked on it.   This video opened my eyes up in so many ways.  I didn’t even know this was happening in Africa and I am glad I know now.  It is fantastic that people all over the world are taking a chance to change Africa and the world all together.  We have become more united because of this terrible event that continues to happen.  Kony has converted at least 31,000 children into soldiers for his army.  In order for the children to be part of this army, they have to kill their parents.  When the video was saying if this would have happened to just one child in the United States, it would be all over the news and we would do any and everything to stop this person.  In Africa, it is completly different because their government is so corrupt and unorganized.  It is sad that we knew about this happening in Africa for at least 20 years and continued not to care.  I am glad that someone finally stood up against the government to help these young children.  The only thing that I am iffy about is the fact that I have heard from numerous people the Invisible Child Corporation is a very bad business to donate to because only a small portion goes to the children in Africa.

One of the things that gets me the most frustrated is how people are making fun of someone standing up against the government.  One person started this chain and now has a lot of followers because of his video.  He is not doing it for money or attention he just wants peace in a country that has been corrupt for numerous years.  It is sad that some people are just so inconsiderate and so involved in their own lives that they can’t even care or donate a few bucks to help out someone in need.

Poverty in Africa

It is sad that America knows about the problem that is going on with Africa such as starvation, drug wars, and not enough resources to survive off of and yet we do nothing to help them.  Instead we take away more and more resources leaving the African population with nothing to live off of. Every once in a while we will send in financial aid such as food but even then it still is not helping the poorer areas of Africa.  Instead it is going to the military and the higher class citizens because the poorer areas cannot afford to  purchase food. The government in Africa is really messed up they choose to be selfish and use the limited food and water for themselves instead of sharing with everyone. They also think that it is normal to go around shooting people who just want a cup a rice.  In the U.S we know where the food we send is going to and who is still starving but yet we still send it to the same spot. I think of the United States with this fact and even though our government isn’t fair at times, they still help those in needs.  We have taxes that help those who cannot afford food, shelter, and even water.  I think that Africa should adopt some of our policies and not be so greedy and they would see a huge change.  Crime would go down because people would not be fighting for food and water. For an even more serious problem,  AIDS and other serious diseases are being spread at a rapid rate because their drinking water is getting contaminated.  If we can send more educated American’s over to Africa I feel that they would become more aware of the spreading of diseases and maybe even become doctors to their people.

Gas prices

Considering gas prices have been the number one subject being talked about, I feel that I should put my opinion out here about the topic.  I do agree with everyone when they are saying gas prices are becoming ridiculous in prices.  But there is nothing we can do about it.  We have used so much gas already that it has impacted the earth tremendously.  We have become so dependable on other coutries natural resources because we have used all of ours.  I think that it is time to make a switch from gas to electric cars because pretty soon the last drop of gas will be used up. The average American spends about $3,348 according to this article.  If we all had electric cars and used the oils for more important things such as plastic or other means of transportation I feel that it would make a huge positive impact.  Plus with all the extra money that we could save from not purchasing gas, we could put solar pannels on our roof to create more energy.  If we all had solar pannels our energy bill would decrese by a tremendous amount and therefore spending our money more wisely on items.  I think we have become a culture where we depend on too much and forget what type of impact our habit has on the environment.  We used to have an electric car in the early 90’s but they discontinued it because the government wasnt making enough money from gas.  Our government has a lot to do with the way we spend our money especially when it comes to gas.  They know that our cars need to run off of gas because the electric cars are to expensive to afford for most families so they charge gas prices way to much.  The tax on gas that the government recieves is also a ridiculous amount and where do they spend all of this money? No one truly knows but I think it is time we stood up against them and started asking questions.

Report: Medicare has spent more than a quarter billion in taxpayer dollars on penis pumps for elderly

When I first saw this article I just started laughing.  As I read further and further in the article I noticed that this is a serious problem.  The American population is trying to help out the elderly by paying taxes and other fees to keep our loved ones alive.  In a way I feel that some of the older men are taking advantage of this program and to me it is frustrating.  These men are using thier medicare money to get penis pumps so their sex life is better.  I understand that they want to enjoy their last few years of life because you only live once on this wonderful planet but there is a point where it becomes ridiculous.  These men have used up at least a quarter billion dollars for their sex life.  These men are ranging anywhere from their early 60’s to their late 90’s or even live up to be 100.  What are they thinking when they get penis pumps!  This is such a waste of money for us taxpayers.  Plus I would have to assume that these men are not that physically in shape to be having sex this much in order to need such a dramatic item.  According to this article the government collects every 43 cents for every dollar it spends therefore why are we just letting this fly by?  None the less why hasn’t this been in the news so taxpayers can be aware of where their money is going and why it is going there?   Pretty soon our social security money is going to be gone because of the baby boomers growing up therefore the elderly should not be treating the system in this way.   I feel that the government is hiding so much information about where our money goes that I feel it is necessary to make a stand against them and find out where is truly going.  More and more people are abusing the system and it gets so frustrating because the younger population knows the day is coming where social security won’t even exist but we would prefer it to be later on in our life time.  It is not fair for someone to be using the system like this and for the younger population to be okay with it.

The Environment

The main subject of our last class discussion was about the environment and how Americans are making such a big impact on the negative effects of it.  Our life depends on plastic and harmful chemicals.  It is more common to drink out of water bottles instead of using one reusable bottle.  When we shop instead of buying a reusable grocery bag we say, “Plastic is fine.”  We are one of the richest countries in the world and yet we still refuse to spend one dollar on a grocery bag to help save the environment.  We throw our trash everywhere because we have become a living definition of lazy.  When I was driving up a freeway ramp all I see is trash and why is it there?  Is it that hard to wait 10-40 minutes to get to a trash can and throw it away?  Or better yet invest in a small trash can in your car if it is such a big deal.  It is truly amazing to me to see what type of people we have all become.  Some choose to not be this way but in a sense we are all the same.  American’s use about 1/3 of the world’s resources but yet we only have a few million people in our country.  I wish Americans would say and act like they care.  It is not that hard to recycle your plastics and paper and it is not hard to maybe use one reusable cup for water that last a few months instead of going through pounds and pounds of plastic.  If people take this more seriously we could still have a chance to help the environment before it gets any worse.  Another thing we can do to help is become more involved with the cleanup days at the beach, parks, rivers, etc.  If we could get more people to help, the less trash there will be and the less impact we will have on the environment.

Food Inc.

The first time I watched this movie was in highschool in my environmental science class.  I was in such shock about the whole movie itself, but none the less about the companies and how they treat these animals.  In the movie it was saying that the farmers would loose their chicken farm and the money they were getting from the company if they decided to tell the public how it was really like.  It starts at a young age for the chickens when they first start getting abused.  The farm workers would inject the chicks with a growth hormone so that they would grow twice as big in half the amount of time.  These chickens would grow so big so fast that their bodies would not be able to support their weight and they couldn’t even walk.  The pickers would kick around the chickens like they were dirt and useless and would also throw them into cages so they could be slaughtered.  To me this is animal abuse and the companies who are allowing this should be punished for their actions.  How would they like it if we injected them with unnatural hormones or kicked them around like they were nothing?  It gets me so frustrated when we as Americans see this happening but yet we won’t take any action because we are afraid of what these big companies would do to us.  Another issue with farming is how they are treating the cows.  The farmers allow the cows to sit in their own manure which could cause ecoli and spread an epidemic across the United States.  Another problem is the factories are not dividing up the cattle by bread they are just putting every type of cow together because they are too lazy to determine what bread the cow is.  A lot of companies are merging together because if they don’t the smaller companies are going to put out of business.  This is going to be an on going cycle for companies to grow larger and larger and create even more power than they already have.  When the companies are looking for workers they try to find the cheapest way possible and they will do anything to succeed that goal so they have their products shipped from China or other countries.  This is causing more and more people to loose their jobs.  I just wish that Americans could become more powerful and stand up to these companies before it gets worse.

Gas Land

Instead of writing my journal about an article I chose to write about the doctumentary “Gas Land.”  While watching this in class I was very interested  in what it was teaching me.  Most of the time I hate watching documentaries but with this one it was the complete opposite story.  I normally don’t talk about what I have learned in a class in my other classes but this was also something new.  I have never heard of the damages that something like this could cause.  The government says this is supposed to be the right way to go for a healthier environment, but then again how is it healthy and better for the environment when they are using all of our water and contamenating the rest of our drinking water.  In the documentary it stated that the companies performing this hydrolic fracturing are using something like 47,000 tons of our drinker water even though they know that our drinking water is at an all time low.  Also they tell the home owners near the drilling sites that their water is “ok” to drink.  So the home owners fought back and were saying if it is so safe to drink why don’t I get you a glass of water.  Of course the workers refused it because they knew that the water was not ok for human consumption.  It amazes me that this was the first time that I heard about this and everyone that I have told had no idea about this either.  How can the media and government hide something this detrimental from us?  Why is it that one town had to be so afraid to stand up to one man?  If the American population knew about this hydrolic fracturing, I feel that the natural gas movement would be put to an end real quick.  Another problem with this attempt to get natural gas is that it will take up all of our water supply and cause a huge impact on animals.  American’s consume so much meat within a week it is ridiculous, imagine if we didn’t even have one cow left because we couldn’t give that animal pure water to drink? Plus, when the streams, rivers, ponds, etc. are all gone the fish are obviously going to die.   The body depends on protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and of course water.  What we tend to forget is how the food chain works.  Everything is connected in some way and if one species dies, the whole chain is affected.  We as American’s need to spread the word and stand up against the big corporations or else we will be living in a world with no purpose to life.