At first when we started watching this movie I almost fell asleep.  It was super slow in the beginning and then all of the sudden it started getting interesting when President Ragen was blamed for the way the economy is today.  I was in shock that his assistant was using him to help the rich people out and hurt the poor people even more.  Another thing that drew my attention was his respect towards the president when he said you have to wrap it up.  Does he not have any respect towards his boss?  I honestly had no idea how bad capitalism was until I watched this movie.  It has caused so many problems with the economy such as people losing their job for no reason, crime rates going up, people losing their property, etc.  When it showed everyone loosing their house it really made me think about how lucky I am to be living in a house that is paid off with my family.  It’s amazing how hurt people get by loosing their house while the ones who are buying it are just going to remodel it and sell it for even more of a profit.  People are living on the streets because they can’t afford a house and can’t get a job without a house.  This is a terrible on going cycle with all of these restrictions of why people can’t get a job.  I wish the economy was different.  I feel that if people had the opportunity to get a job despite their living style it would lower the crime rates and help out the economy a lot.