In this article it states a few different things about boys and girls through the emotional development that they go through throughout life.  For example, in this article it gives two different approaches on how to talk to a boy and girl when they are having a problem and need to talk to an adult about it.  The boy would need to be keeping his mind busy or has to be physically active in order to open up, but the girl needed a one on one approach.  She also needed assurance from the listener such as agreeing with her in the situation or telling her everything is going to be okay.  To me this makes perfect sense because I can relate to the female part.  When I was growing up I went through a lot of horrendous events with my family and I needed someone to talk to other than my family.  At that time I was going to a Christian school and I would go to the counselor a lot and talk to her about my problems.  I would feel comfortable with her because she would agree in most of the situations and would make me feel better like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Also, while I was growing up I notice now that school was very easy for me and I tended to be more focused than the boys in my class.  The boys would be a huge distraction and would have to be moving around a lot in order to keep their focus.  Plus, their grades weren’t too good compared to the girls.  I believe that if schools figured out a way to help both females and males learn the most sufficient way (accordingly to their students) it would help out a lot.  Boys need to be more active while learning or just even letting things go and talking about certain situations and girls need a more one on one type of learning style.  I am not saying this is how everyone is, but I do feel like the majority of the population has had a similar story to this one.