When we first started watching this movie I was thinking to myself that this movie was super slow and boring, but as the movie continued playing I began to change my mind.  Sadly enough I could relate to the girl who felt like she would never find a guy and when she did the one girl made up lies.  That is how the majority of girls still are today.  Also, it got me so pissed off how the school had all of these traditions pretty much teaching women to become men’s house slave.  The one character who got married and missed a few days of school really got on my last nerve.  She was a total dream killer to not only the one girl who had a low self esteem but also towards the blonde girl who wanted to go to Yale.  She felt that it was a women’s duty to get married and become a house slave for their husbands and pop out a baby.  To her the only reason to go to school was to find a man and somewhat kill time.  In my opinion I could see this still happening today.  Have you ever noticed how women dress the first day of school?  They are dressed to impress because they don’t know who is going to be in their class and always want to be prepared.  It is so scary how a lot of these “traditions” are carried on.  If I ever do have a girl, I would not teach her these traditions.  I feel that women need to be dependent and not depend on a guy so much. I have so many girlfriends who expect a guy to make them happy when they can’t even make themselves happy.  In the beginning of the semester I suggested a book for you to read and that book was called “Why Men Love Bitches.”  The title is very deceiving but it taught me a lot.  Before I read it I would also depend on guys for my happiness and was always worried that I would never find “the one.”  After reading that book not only did it boost my confidence it also made me more aware of how I need to live my own life with or without a man.  I wish that parents would stop filling their kids heads with these crappy traditions of being whipped by your man.