When you first put in the movie about human trafficing I thought it was going to be super boring and somewhat a waste of time. But within the first few minutes I was completely wrong. I was shocked to see all of these innocent human beings whether they are kids or adults being used for someone else’s pleasure.  It is very hard to imagine someone being “ok” with abusing and using people against their own will for sex and other terrible events.  When it got to the part of using innocent girls in countries such as India and another Asian country I was in shock.  Especially when it got to the 2 girls who got sent to the homes by their own family for money.  That is a little bit too much for me to handle. I could not imagine my mom sending me away to be used for sex and even when I have kids to be doing that.  That is something that the aunt has to live with for her whole life and I have this feeling that she doesn’t even care about her own family.  I understand that poverty in those countries are bad but there is a point where it becomes ridiculous that you have to sell your own family members to make money.  If they were that broke, they should have sold their own body to the “pimps” not their family members.  When it got to the hookers I had no idea that some of them were taken without their consent.  It is sad to see all of these teenage girls being used for sex and money.  What is even more sad, is that these pimps don’t even care about the girls all they want is some money in their hand.  What is even worse is the fact that American’s are the worst when it comes to hookers.  They abuse them and treat them very poorly for a small amount of cash.  These girls have families and friends that love them but sometimes they can’t get out and end up living their whole life in hell.  This movie really did open up my eyes and helped me understand things that I have always made assumptions about without actually knowing the truth.