This article was mainly talking about people in today’s society are still very racist.  Only a small portion will actually admit that they are racist.  Even though most American’s know that racism is a big problem but yet they still tend to treat others of a different race bad.  Racism has become so prone to a lot of individuals that most don’t even consider their habits to be racist.  We have never changed our bad habits of racism even though it started over 100 years ago.  Obviously it is a lot better than what it was in the past but it is still bad.  Racism causes so much of crime and if we became more acceptable to other races, I feel that the crime rates would greatly decrease.  In the article it states that even real estate agents are showing racist actions by placing a person where their race lives.  For example, say a white couple would want to buy a house the agent would automatically chose an area where it is a white community.  This is a problem that is going to need a lot of time and effort from everyone in order to fix it. Even with my friends we make racist comments all the time because we don’t know any better.  It is the way we were raised and the way we were treated by other races.  Racism has even turned into somewhat of a joke like putting people into a category based on appearance, fashion, money, etc.  It is exactly what we were talking about in class.