When a young 15 year old boy was walking down the street and was walking to the store, another man followed him because he look suspicious due to the fact he was wearing a hoodie.  The other man talked to the police before and the police said just let the boy be but the other man did not listen to him.  He continued to follow and played the role that the young boy attacked him.  In “defense” this man shot and killed him.  Family and friends in the black community say feel that he was profiled because he was black.  They feel that this was a racial issue and the boy did not attack the man.  They also say there was no reason for that man to have shot the boy.  The man has not been charged due to the different stories that are being played.  Tensions with the black community are becoming more and more heated.  The media is also portraying that this was a racial attack on the black and mexican community.  I also feel that this was race related because when they showed a picture of the man that attacked the young boy seemed to be related in some sort of gang.  I could just be racial profiling but most people do not have a  gang related look.  What I am curious to know is if this man even had a license to hold a weapon?  I think that it is too easy to purchase weapons in today’s society.  Police and the government should become more involved into who is purchasing what weapon and why they are even purchasing it in the first place.  In order to have a weapon, such as a gun, that person has to feel threatened in some sort.  My point that I am trying to say is why did that man have a gun in the first place?  Why didn’t he just approach the boy first and ask him what was going on?  Did he have another threat against him and confused the boy with someone else?