This video has been spreading like a virus.  It has recieved over 70 million views in 6 days.  When I saw one of my friends post it I was thinking “oh it’s just another stupid video.”  But at that time I was super bored and decided to watch it.  Within the first 5 minutes I was hooked on it.   This video opened my eyes up in so many ways.  I didn’t even know this was happening in Africa and I am glad I know now.  It is fantastic that people all over the world are taking a chance to change Africa and the world all together.  We have become more united because of this terrible event that continues to happen.  Kony has converted at least 31,000 children into soldiers for his army.  In order for the children to be part of this army, they have to kill their parents.  When the video was saying if this would have happened to just one child in the United States, it would be all over the news and we would do any and everything to stop this person.  In Africa, it is completly different because their government is so corrupt and unorganized.  It is sad that we knew about this happening in Africa for at least 20 years and continued not to care.  I am glad that someone finally stood up against the government to help these young children.  The only thing that I am iffy about is the fact that I have heard from numerous people the Invisible Child Corporation is a very bad business to donate to because only a small portion goes to the children in Africa.

One of the things that gets me the most frustrated is how people are making fun of someone standing up against the government.  One person started this chain and now has a lot of followers because of his video.  He is not doing it for money or attention he just wants peace in a country that has been corrupt for numerous years.  It is sad that some people are just so inconsiderate and so involved in their own lives that they can’t even care or donate a few bucks to help out someone in need.