It is sad that America knows about the problem that is going on with Africa such as starvation, drug wars, and not enough resources to survive off of and yet we do nothing to help them.  Instead we take away more and more resources leaving the African population with nothing to live off of. Every once in a while we will send in financial aid such as food but even then it still is not helping the poorer areas of Africa.  Instead it is going to the military and the higher class citizens because the poorer areas cannot afford to  purchase food. The government in Africa is really messed up they choose to be selfish and use the limited food and water for themselves instead of sharing with everyone. They also think that it is normal to go around shooting people who just want a cup a rice.  In the U.S we know where the food we send is going to and who is still starving but yet we still send it to the same spot. I think of the United States with this fact and even though our government isn’t fair at times, they still help those in needs.  We have taxes that help those who cannot afford food, shelter, and even water.  I think that Africa should adopt some of our policies and not be so greedy and they would see a huge change.  Crime would go down because people would not be fighting for food and water. For an even more serious problem,  AIDS and other serious diseases are being spread at a rapid rate because their drinking water is getting contaminated.  If we can send more educated American’s over to Africa I feel that they would become more aware of the spreading of diseases and maybe even become doctors to their people.