Considering gas prices have been the number one subject being talked about, I feel that I should put my opinion out here about the topic.  I do agree with everyone when they are saying gas prices are becoming ridiculous in prices.  But there is nothing we can do about it.  We have used so much gas already that it has impacted the earth tremendously.  We have become so dependable on other coutries natural resources because we have used all of ours.  I think that it is time to make a switch from gas to electric cars because pretty soon the last drop of gas will be used up. The average American spends about $3,348 according to this article.  If we all had electric cars and used the oils for more important things such as plastic or other means of transportation I feel that it would make a huge positive impact.  Plus with all the extra money that we could save from not purchasing gas, we could put solar pannels on our roof to create more energy.  If we all had solar pannels our energy bill would decrese by a tremendous amount and therefore spending our money more wisely on items.  I think we have become a culture where we depend on too much and forget what type of impact our habit has on the environment.  We used to have an electric car in the early 90’s but they discontinued it because the government wasnt making enough money from gas.  Our government has a lot to do with the way we spend our money especially when it comes to gas.  They know that our cars need to run off of gas because the electric cars are to expensive to afford for most families so they charge gas prices way to much.  The tax on gas that the government recieves is also a ridiculous amount and where do they spend all of this money? No one truly knows but I think it is time we stood up against them and started asking questions.