When I first saw this article I just started laughing.  As I read further and further in the article I noticed that this is a serious problem.  The American population is trying to help out the elderly by paying taxes and other fees to keep our loved ones alive.  In a way I feel that some of the older men are taking advantage of this program and to me it is frustrating.  These men are using thier medicare money to get penis pumps so their sex life is better.  I understand that they want to enjoy their last few years of life because you only live once on this wonderful planet but there is a point where it becomes ridiculous.  These men have used up at least a quarter billion dollars for their sex life.  These men are ranging anywhere from their early 60’s to their late 90’s or even live up to be 100.  What are they thinking when they get penis pumps!  This is such a waste of money for us taxpayers.  Plus I would have to assume that these men are not that physically in shape to be having sex this much in order to need such a dramatic item.  According to this article the government collects every 43 cents for every dollar it spends therefore why are we just letting this fly by?  None the less why hasn’t this been in the news so taxpayers can be aware of where their money is going and why it is going there?   Pretty soon our social security money is going to be gone because of the baby boomers growing up therefore the elderly should not be treating the system in this way.   I feel that the government is hiding so much information about where our money goes that I feel it is necessary to make a stand against them and find out where is truly going.  More and more people are abusing the system and it gets so frustrating because the younger population knows the day is coming where social security won’t even exist but we would prefer it to be later on in our life time.  It is not fair for someone to be using the system like this and for the younger population to be okay with it.