The main subject of our last class discussion was about the environment and how Americans are making such a big impact on the negative effects of it.  Our life depends on plastic and harmful chemicals.  It is more common to drink out of water bottles instead of using one reusable bottle.  When we shop instead of buying a reusable grocery bag we say, “Plastic is fine.”  We are one of the richest countries in the world and yet we still refuse to spend one dollar on a grocery bag to help save the environment.  We throw our trash everywhere because we have become a living definition of lazy.  When I was driving up a freeway ramp all I see is trash and why is it there?  Is it that hard to wait 10-40 minutes to get to a trash can and throw it away?  Or better yet invest in a small trash can in your car if it is such a big deal.  It is truly amazing to me to see what type of people we have all become.  Some choose to not be this way but in a sense we are all the same.  American’s use about 1/3 of the world’s resources but yet we only have a few million people in our country.  I wish Americans would say and act like they care.  It is not that hard to recycle your plastics and paper and it is not hard to maybe use one reusable cup for water that last a few months instead of going through pounds and pounds of plastic.  If people take this more seriously we could still have a chance to help the environment before it gets any worse.  Another thing we can do to help is become more involved with the cleanup days at the beach, parks, rivers, etc.  If we could get more people to help, the less trash there will be and the less impact we will have on the environment.