The first time I watched this movie was in highschool in my environmental science class.  I was in such shock about the whole movie itself, but none the less about the companies and how they treat these animals.  In the movie it was saying that the farmers would loose their chicken farm and the money they were getting from the company if they decided to tell the public how it was really like.  It starts at a young age for the chickens when they first start getting abused.  The farm workers would inject the chicks with a growth hormone so that they would grow twice as big in half the amount of time.  These chickens would grow so big so fast that their bodies would not be able to support their weight and they couldn’t even walk.  The pickers would kick around the chickens like they were dirt and useless and would also throw them into cages so they could be slaughtered.  To me this is animal abuse and the companies who are allowing this should be punished for their actions.  How would they like it if we injected them with unnatural hormones or kicked them around like they were nothing?  It gets me so frustrated when we as Americans see this happening but yet we won’t take any action because we are afraid of what these big companies would do to us.  Another issue with farming is how they are treating the cows.  The farmers allow the cows to sit in their own manure which could cause ecoli and spread an epidemic across the United States.  Another problem is the factories are not dividing up the cattle by bread they are just putting every type of cow together because they are too lazy to determine what bread the cow is.  A lot of companies are merging together because if they don’t the smaller companies are going to put out of business.  This is going to be an on going cycle for companies to grow larger and larger and create even more power than they already have.  When the companies are looking for workers they try to find the cheapest way possible and they will do anything to succeed that goal so they have their products shipped from China or other countries.  This is causing more and more people to loose their jobs.  I just wish that Americans could become more powerful and stand up to these companies before it gets worse.