Instead of writing my journal about an article I chose to write about the doctumentary “Gas Land.”  While watching this in class I was very interested  in what it was teaching me.  Most of the time I hate watching documentaries but with this one it was the complete opposite story.  I normally don’t talk about what I have learned in a class in my other classes but this was also something new.  I have never heard of the damages that something like this could cause.  The government says this is supposed to be the right way to go for a healthier environment, but then again how is it healthy and better for the environment when they are using all of our water and contamenating the rest of our drinking water.  In the documentary it stated that the companies performing this hydrolic fracturing are using something like 47,000 tons of our drinker water even though they know that our drinking water is at an all time low.  Also they tell the home owners near the drilling sites that their water is “ok” to drink.  So the home owners fought back and were saying if it is so safe to drink why don’t I get you a glass of water.  Of course the workers refused it because they knew that the water was not ok for human consumption.  It amazes me that this was the first time that I heard about this and everyone that I have told had no idea about this either.  How can the media and government hide something this detrimental from us?  Why is it that one town had to be so afraid to stand up to one man?  If the American population knew about this hydrolic fracturing, I feel that the natural gas movement would be put to an end real quick.  Another problem with this attempt to get natural gas is that it will take up all of our water supply and cause a huge impact on animals.  American’s consume so much meat within a week it is ridiculous, imagine if we didn’t even have one cow left because we couldn’t give that animal pure water to drink? Plus, when the streams, rivers, ponds, etc. are all gone the fish are obviously going to die.   The body depends on protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and of course water.  What we tend to forget is how the food chain works.  Everything is connected in some way and if one species dies, the whole chain is affected.  We as American’s need to spread the word and stand up against the big corporations or else we will be living in a world with no purpose to life.