Food stamps a necessary lifeline-

By Stacy Dean

I felt that this article dealt with what we as a class were talking about.  We were told to come up with 3 opinionated social problems.  The one that stood out to me the most was the poverty level that we have in the United States.  In the textbook “Social Problems”  it states that “Unemployment more than double to 10 percent by the end of the decade; in 2000, 11.3 percent of Americans were living below the poverty line.  By 2008 the rate was 13.2 percent; One of eight Americans is poor; and finally some 35.9 million Americans recieved food stamps in 2009, up from 29.1 million a year earlier.”  The biggest problem in this situation in my opinion is that the world is in tremendous debt due to unecessary spending.  We are American’s are very wasteful when it comes to resources and gadgets/technology.  As for the resources we use about 1/4 of the worlds resources when we as Americans only take up 4.5% of the worlds population occurding to the textbook.  As for the gadgets, when the iPad came out about two years ago people were going crazy over them and buying them like they were going out of style.  Then a few months later the iPad two comes out and I feel like this is an unecessary cycle that will never end.  If we could change our spending habits and learn from our mistakes as a society, the lives for American’s will be a lot more successful, we would not have to give out these food stamps and individuals can be more become more aware of their spending habits.  I feel that the food stamps affect everyone as a whole because we pay for those who cannot afford to pay for their own meals for whatever reason it may be through taxes.  I feel like the poor are the people who are being protected in this article because the woman who wrote this article played the simpathy card for them.  She made it seem like they were losing everything and they wouldn’t be able to survive.  Which is completely understandable but I still feel like the food stamps are being given out as if they were candy and there isn’t much research going into who should get them and who should not.  In order to fix this problem I suggest that we put more effort in determining who should get food stamps and who should not as stated before.